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Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, St. John's Medical College Hospital, Bangalore

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Disability statistics and facilities in Bangalore


While no surveys were done specifically for the area around Bangalore, we have estimated the prevalence and incidence of disabilities on the basis of national averages.

The total population in the St. John's catchment area consists of about 30 million people. This was calculated by adding the populations of the districts where most of SJMCH's current patients come from as follows:



 Population (millions)

Bangalore - urban



Bangalore - rural













 Andra Pradesh



 Andra Pradesh



 Tamil Nadu



 Tamil Nadu


Total population for SJMCH catchment area 28.4
Source: 2001 census

Based on the number of people in St. John's catchment area, we have extrapolated national statistics for locomotor disability and SCI


National average (cases per million)

 Number of cases in SJMCH catchment area

Locomotor disabilities - prevalence



Locomotor disabilities - incidence

 525 /year

 15000 /year

Spinal Cord Injuries - incidence

 > 32 /year

 > 900 /year

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Hospitals in and around Bangalore

While many of the hospitals in Bangalore offer elements of rehabilitation care through their Orthopaedics and Physiotherapy departments, none offer holistic rehabilitation care. The closest alternative for patients on the St John's PMR waiting list is CMCH Vellore, about 300 km away from Bangalore.

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NGOs in and around Bangalore

A number of NGO's offer some elements of rehabilitation care in the Bangalore area. The following two NGOs play an especially predominant role in rehabilitation care in Bangalore:

Mobility India (MI), Bangalore
This NGO focuses on making good quality mobility aides and giving training to produce them. They also offer physiotherapy services in order to ensure that patients are trained to walk with the appliances. Mobility India has inaugurated a new Rehabilitation Research and Training Center in Bangalore in August 2001

The Association of People with Disability (APD), Bangalore
This Association is engaged in the education and training of disabled children and adults. APD runs an integrated school upto the 7th grade for 120 physically disabled and non-disabled children. They also have a vocational training centre for adults, a physiotherapy section and an orthotic centre. Special emphasis is laid on community based rehabilitation (CBR). Home visits are made regularly to assess the situation of disabled in their living environment.

As in the rest of India, local NGO's recognise the need for Institution Based Rehabilitation (IBR) for severely disabled persons before they go back into their communities and can be treated under a CBR programme. 

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