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Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, St. John's Medical College Hospital, Bangalore

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is concerned with enabling function and well-being. It is the therapeutic use of self-care, work and play activities to improve independent function, enhance development & prevent disability. It also includes efforts to adapt particular tasks or the environment to achieve maximum independence and to enhance the quality of life.

Services Provided

  • Activities of Daily Living Evaluation and Training

  • Prosthetic Training

  • Cognitive and Perceptual Retraining

  • Hand Rehablitation

  • Neuro Development Therapy

  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation (Acute)

Areas in which we work

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Activities of Daily Living and Functional retraining including transfers.

  • Fabricating splints, Wheel Chair prescription, Modification & Training in advanced Wheel Chair activities.

  • ADL independency with Aids & Assistive devices.

  • Coma Stimulation for the Traumatic Brain Injury Patients.

  • Cognitive retraining for TBI patients

  • Home visits – Home evaluation and Home modification.


Services include individual and group, relaxation techniques and indoor games for psychiatric patients.

Neurology and Neurosurgery

Services include improving ADL, Functional Re-training, Cognitive Perceptional Retraining and Oral-Motor Training.

Plastic Surgery & Burns

Services include hand evaluation & hand function training as well as acute burn care management with simple self care activities, sensory re-education and muscle re-education.

Paediatrics including Neonatology

Services include Neuro Development Therapy to facilitate developmental milestones, hand function training, designing aids & adaptation of CP Chairs, prescribing wheel chairs, cognitive & perceptual training & play therapy, oral motor training and designing appropriate home programmes for Developmental Delay Children. 

Neonatology services include Early Intervention Programme for high risk infants which includes positioning, basic stimulation, and regular follow up in Neonatal Follow–up Clinics.

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