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The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at St. John's Medical College Hospital, Bangalore came into existence in April 1999. It aims to provide comprehensive, cohesive and cost-effective treatment and to re-integrate a disabled person into society. 

This is achieved by cohesively treating, teaching, training and  mentally tempering the disabled individual through a combination of medical treatment, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, counseling and vocational training. 

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Clinical Services

The Department offers all of the following elements of the rehabilitation process:

Medical and Surgical Management: Treatment of all routine medical problems encountered by disabled individuals is  carried out by the department. Operations are performed for the surgical management of pressure sores and for correction of deformities 

Physiotherapy: A variety of physical modalities like heat, sound, light, and electricity are used to alleviate pain and improve functioning.

Occupational Therapy : Occupational therapy is concerned with enhancing a disabled personís functioning through training in specific activities and skills.

Social Work: The ultimate aim of rehabilitation is to enable the disabled person to be a productive individual within society. The social workerís sphere of action extends beyond the walls of the hospital to ensure that vocational rehabilitation takes place.

Community Based Rehabilitation: Community Based Rehabilitation aims at changing the environment, enabling patients to find methods to modify available infrastructure for easier access and helping them to meet other special needs they will encounter while living in their community.

The Rehabilitation Institute

In order to address the urgent need for more rehabilitation facilities in the greater Bangalore area SJMCH has decided to build a separate Rehabilitation Institute on the hospital grounds which will serve as a teaching institution and provide higher quality care to a larger number of patients.

The institute is planned for 60 beds and thus will be able to receive 400 inpatients per year. The cost of the entire project is estimated to be Rs.135,000,000. While the institute will be financially self-sufficient on an operational basis, we are looking outside funding for the initial investment.

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