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Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, St. John's Medical College Hospital, Bangalore

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Community Based Rehabilitation

Community Based Rehabilitation aims at changing the environment, enabling patients to find methods to modify available infrastructure for easier access and helping them to meet other special needs they will encounter while  living in  their community. Community based rehabilitation is especially relevant India, as the majority of our population live in rural areas, where the access for health care is limited.

The Community Based Rehabilitation Unit was set up in May 2004. In the future the Unit plans to organise Disability and Development Abnormalities Screenings and a Rehabilitation Mela.

Services Provided

  • Health Education for PMR In-patients on how to prevent & manage pressure sores, bladder & bowel complications and other problems

  • Home Evaluation, Pre Vocational Assessment and Vocational Training

  • Correspondence  with discharged  PMR patients in order to know their medical & vocational requirements & plan for the same.

  • Home visits to study the patientsí progress, to give advice on modification of environment, to assess the relevance of Rehab interventions at the tertiary level to patients in the rural & semi rural setting and to collect relevant data for research.

  • Arranging for Patients Sports and Outings

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For more information contact:
The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
St. John's Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore - 560034
Phone: +91-(0)80-2206 5256   Fax: +91-(0)80-2553 0070

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